Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Conkywx TWO Released - Conkywx Conky Weather Script

Conkywx now supports the revised wunderground website.
Now Conkywx is 2.0 - Additions and changes:

  • As many users are using various conky variants - conky is no longer a dependency but however - conky is still required. Please ensure conky - in what ever form - is infact installed. 
  • To reduce duplication of effort - conkywx man page now has basic information and has a link to the wiki which is normally being updated real time as changes to conkywx are being made.
  • If you are using Gnome 3 - own_window_type in the *conkyrc.sh needs to be changed to normal desktop dock etc
  • In some cases to have conky restart automatically you may need to give a sleep 30 - delay in your conky-start script
  • *conkyrc.sh files are configured on XFCE 4.10 with compiz + emerald - you may need to tweak conkyrc examples for your DE

    conkywx TWO

    conkywx TWO

    There is a wiki page conkywx wiki

    Distro File Location
    Arch linux AUR Arch_Linux_AUR_2.0.0
    Debian based Ubuntu, CrunchBang, Mint etc Download version 2.0.0
    RPM based Red Hat, Fedora, CentOS, Suse, OpenSuse etc Download version 2.0.0
    Stand Alone version you can run in your home directory Download_version_2.0.0
    Download fonts for the VinDSL Templates - has the installer in the archive Download VinDSL Template fonts

    For this stand alone version run the conkywx_fonts_assistant.sh file to install or remove conkywx fonts.

    People - feedback from you would be great ;-)


  1. nice job Param.....really makes the desktop look great !!!

    1. Thanks Tommy - glad you liked it ;-)

  2. Brilliant conky. Ugrade from v1.x to v2.0 went smooth as silk. Great job man.

  3. cool! thanks a lot! works on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

  4. Installed on Mageia 2. Works fine. Great job !! Thanks !!

  5. Sorry for delay. conkywx 2.0 worked as design on ArchLinux and Fedora FC 20.I coordinate the font.Thank you very much.

  6. Thanks a lot, works nice new conkywx on Ubuntu 14.04